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Grace – Person, Place, Thing, or Idea?

Grace is one of my favourite words.

A friend once gave me the definition I still use: God’s unmerited favour.

He has given us what we don’t deserve and could never earn.

I am constantly in awe of the kindness of God towards me.  His grace has been the theme of my life. He has blessed me again and again when I have done nothing to deserve it.  I have made mistakes, over and over, but instead of  abandoning me to my own foolishness, my loving Father has patiently helped me, strengthened me, taught me, and shown me mercy.

He is so much more merciful than we are to each other.

He forgives us over and over, lovingly drying our tears of pain, frustration, and fear.

When we feel abandoned by our earthly parents, our Heavenly Father is there.

When we feel let down by friends, He is loyal and ever-present.

When we feel stupid and unteachable, He is patient and kind and picks us up again, gently restoring, strengthening, and encouraging.

Even when we doubt Him, looking around in wild-eyed terror, He forgives us for doubting His faithfulness and steadiness, and calms our fears.

God delivers His grace to us in so many different ways.

It may be a friend who rearranges their schedule so they can help you pack and move.

It may be a neighbour who you’ve only ever waved to and smiled at who comes to clean your house so you can pull yourself together during a family crisis.

It may be the new acquaintance from church who takes care of your child when you are extremely ill while your husband is out of town.

It may be the stranger who fixes your car in an empty parking lot, and then disappears as suddenly as he showed up.

Maybe it’s the clothes that don’t wear out, or the shoes that are just your size that someone is giving away.

God’s grace can come to us in the smile and kind word of a stranger. Or the listening ear of a friend.

He is amazingly adept at using the ordinary, the everyday, to deliver His overwhelming, never-ending, incomprehensible love….particularly when we feel the least deserving.

To Write, or Not to Write – That is the Procrastination

Writing should be an outlet, not a struggle, a chore, or a burden.  It should just flow out of the inner thoughts, ideas, creativity, or opinions of the writer.

Shouldn’t it?

Not if we build it up in our minds so that it becomes a bigger and bigger entity, taking on weight and power, until it seems an overwhelming, fear-inducing obstacle that we must some how surmount.

The result of that kind of thinking is procrastination.

There is always something else that is more urgent, more vital, or just more fun, than writing the little, insignificant blog that probably no one will read any way.

But I want to write….don’t I?

I need to express myself, share my thoughts, experiences, or whatever with whoever cares to read my words.  And maybe someone out there is just waiting for that shared experience, or wisdom, or hope, and will be encouraged by it.

I think that’s really what’s at the heart of my desire to write a blog: the hope of even one person being encouraged or smiling because of what I’ve written.

So I press on.

My “to do” list contains an added item: write new blog post.  And the rest of the ‘urgent’ things filling up my life and taking up my time can wait an hour or two (or three) while I write, delete, rewrite, edit, until I’m satisfied that the new entry says what I want it to say, flows in a satisfactory rhythm, and reflects a little of who I am.

The need to encourage others, and express self…those things could be part of who God has made me to be.  Two things that give me life, refresh my soul, and allow me to give (in however small a way) to someone else.

It’s been said that to know who God has made you to be, or the gifts He has given you, just try to imagine not doing it.  If it feels as though a piece of yourself is being ripped away, then you are probably meant to do that thing. [I should add a disclaimer here: It must be legal, morally right, and beneficial to society.]

This wasn’t actually meant to be a post about writing….but while I’m still on the subject, I would like to remind you that writing is very therapeutic.  It allows us to express our feelings, some of which we may not be aware of until they come out of us onto paper or a computer screen. It aids in self-discovery, as evidenced in this post, as well as decision-making.  It allows the expression of creativity, and the exploration of ideas.

Now that I’ve convinced myself of why I should keep writing, I’ll bring this to a conclusion.

Next time, I’ll try to get to the topic I had intended for today: God’s grace.