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Nobody Puts Grisham in a Box

I’m a fan of John Grisham novels.  The plot is always intricate enough to keep my attention, and he often includes a moral of some sort, satisfying those of us who like it when good triumphs over evil.

On my husband’s recommendation, I recently decided to read The Confession.  I don’t know if Grisham decided to prove that he can’t be put in a box, and that good does not always triumph, but……….I don’t want to give it away, for those who haven’t read it yet, so I won’t say any more. But let it suffice to say that I was over-wrought by a particularly sad scene.

And there I was, crying my eyes out for a fictional character in a book.

Realising how foolish that was, led me to think about the real-life nightmares people live through all the time.  Particularly those that have no end in sight – the nightmare just continues because no one sees, no one knows, or no one cares enough to help.

“Who,” I wondered in the middle of my book-induced emotions, “cries for them?”

What must it be like for a victim of abuse, abduction, or human trafficking?

Thanks to a friend who has made it her goal in life to educate ignorant people like me, I have learned that people really are still held captive by others who force them to do things they don’t want to do. They are forced to work, in fields, factories, homes, businesses, or brothels, and don’t receive any pay or are made to give it all to pay a “debt.” They are abused, manipulated, deceived,  and treated like property instead of people.  They must lose hope that anything will ever change for them, or that their horror will ever end.

If I care about people because God made them in His image and dearly loves each one, then I should definitely care about victims of trafficking and abuse.  We’re to care for widows and orphans, the poor, and the powerless.


That must surely include every hidden, nameless, faceless person who’s been shoved into the dark recesses of society by evil people who think they are beyond the reach of justice.

I’ll save my tears for times of crying out to God for them.  I’ll keep reading things I never thought I’d read, and learning things I’d rather not know, and follow Jesus where ever He leads me. So that, just maybe, I can help even one person to wake up from their living-nightmare, and learn to hope again.

I don’t know yet what that will be.  I don’t know what a not-very-brave, quiet-ish, pretty average woman can do to help stop someone else’s suffering…..

….so I’m telling you, for a start.

…if you have been merciful, God will be merciful when He judges you. -James 2:13b