Monthly Archives: June 2015

A Good News Story

Good news just has to be shared. It begs telling by a good storyteller so that others can rejoice with the recipient.
Unfortunately, I’m not that great a storyteller, but I’d like to share something any way:
We’ve been driving a car that was gifted to us by a godly, generous couple. It has been an amazing blessing to us, especially since we never really expected to be able to afford to have a car. We were living as missionaries, with me as a “tentmaker”, on an extremely small income for a family of five. (Not complaining! Just explaining.) It was actually the 3rd or 4th offer of a car that had been extended to us, but the only time we felt it was right to accept and trust God to provide for insurance, upkeep, and petrol (gasoline) costs.
Four years and thousands of miles later, we have been becoming increasingly aware that it is probably time to find a replacement. As aged creatures do, our faithful vehicle has long been showing signs of the down-hill slide: groaning and rattling with more and more volume, engine lights that don’t go off any more, taking longer and longer Car 2to start and warm up. Twice, part of the exhaust system has tried to fall off.  The driver’s side window is being held in place by duct tape – not too bad as it’s silver and matches the paint colour. Someone tried to break in by smashing the little triangular side window near the back, so it too is covered by duct tape, and it’s not looking very “respectable” these days, and is making me wonder if our neighbours are a bit embarrassed by its presence.
We’ve been praying, and asking God to provide a replacement, as it is no longer a luxury item, but essential to my husband’s marketplace-missionary job. Hubbie has been scouring the online ads, looking for a low-cost, reliable vehicle of the appropriate size for our family, but we’ve both acknowledged we don’t have the necessary funds….
Until this morning!
In the daily post (mail) was an envelope containing a cheque for almost the exact amount needed for a reliable, used vehicle.  Yay, God!
Praise Him with us for His amazing faithfulness and provision! He is Jehovah-jireh, the God who supplies our needs.

This does remind me of the story Jesus told of the woman who lost a coin and when she found it told all her neighbours to rejoice with her.  Now, I know that Jesus was making a different point with that story, but I’m going to leave the spiritual insights to you, and just hope that my little good news story encourages someone who is trying to trust God for provision or other answers to prayers.

Just Do It

I haven’t written in such a long time…Zippy WaitingI think it’s because I’m afraid I have nothing to say. The longer I’ve put it off, the bigger and scarier it’s become. I get overwhelmed by the enormity of the pressure to say something profound or “helpful”.
And, I get distracted easily! Like right now – it’s raining, and the dog is outside, and people are talking in the other room.
Also, I feel like I haven’t heard anything from God that He would like me to say. But do I have to hear from heaven in order to say anything? Of course, not! So why do I see it differently just because these are written words instead of spoken ones?

Perhaps it’s time to decide why I want to write a blog any way. Am I doing it to reach out? To teach? To relate? Or just to have a creative outlet and maybe have a few people see it?
Self-examination is even hard to maintain over the noise of the everyday sounds of life that intrude into my thoughts.
My daughter, the wise student/author, has said, “Just start! Don’t worry about what you’re saying. It can start out as a bunch of nothing, but as you carry on, it can become something.”
So that’s what I’m attempting to do today. Just start.
If I’m forever trapped in the cycle of allowing fear to keep me from starting, I’ll never attempt anything at all.