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The Chandlers in Russia, with YuriI was born in America in the ‘great’ state of Texas to parents who were from some place else, but moved there in search of the American Dream.  I don’t know if they ever found it or not – that’s their story.

So what’s my story?

I was the only girl among two brothers and three step-brothers.  I was chubby, near-sighted, red-haired, and loved books.  But I also tried to keep up with my brothers on our bicycles, caught “craw-dads” in the nearby creek, and ate mystery berries that grew in the woods.  I liked getting good grades, but loved to dance, and eventually made the pom-pom team (dance squad) in high school. Afraid of heights, but not adventure.  Girly, but fished and hunted with my step-dad.

I married my first, and only, boyfriend, and we’re still sweethearts, and together we have three wonderful children. I was blessed to be able to homeschool the kids. Sometimes I’ve wondered if I did a good job of it, but they’re so smart, maybe that doesn’t matter as much as the great relationship that I have with them.

The five of us live in Scotland.  We’ve been here for over eleven years as missionaries. We’re still “foreigners”, but it feels like home.  I don’t know if we’ll stay here forever; I know I dream of someplace warmer and dryer, but we’ve always said we’re here until God tells us to go somewhere else.

Who am I really?

I’m a child of God.  I gave my heart to Jesus while in high school, thanks to the love, prayers, and faithful friendship of a dear friend.  My relationship with Jesus is the foundation of my life and where I derive my identity and purpose.

I’m a mother.  It’s the most important and best ‘job’ I’ll ever have.  It’s never-ending, and I’m glad.  I was afraid I wouldn’t be a good mother, because I didn’t have much maternal instinct as a young woman.  When the time came, it kicked in to the point of being overwhelming.  Now I understand the proverb about the mother bear and her cubs.

I’m a wife.  We’ve been married almost 32 years.  I know in this day and time what an accomplishment that is, and I also know how much of God’s grace has brought us to this point. We both at various times, and all times, are friend, confidante, cheerleader, sounding-board, partner, helper, nurse, etc., etc., etc.

Other things I love (in random order):  reading, nature, running, art, music, coffee, flowers, birds, babies & toddlers, my dog, movies, popcorn & pretzels, friends, chatting, travel, other cultures, learning, history, mountains, beaches, & sunshine.

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